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How to: BeCome a S.B.F.S.C Member

  • Membership is open to faculty, staff and graduate students, & K-12 educators/Administers and support staff who are alumni of SUNY colleges.

  • Membership to the SBFSC is achieved through the paying of dues and commitment to conducting at least one SBFSC related event, program, activity, or drive at your campus or in your local community per year . Events should be presented to the Vice President of Programing and Outreach and should clearly explain in their advertising and construction how they link to the mission of the SBFSC. Events that you are developing in support of The Collective should be registered and recorded with the Vice President of Programing and Outreach.

Yearly dues for membership are

  • Schedule an onboarding meeting by reaching out to

  • $120 or 10.00 per month

Additional Donations:

Additional donations are welcomed and are tax deductible in nature.

Please read full and up to date instructions and limitations of Charitable donations from the IRS by going Here

Note: All membership dues go directly toward collective activities including future scholarships, conferences, events and webservices


Q.I don't identify as Black or African Diasporic. Can I join?

A. The Collective is an Black and Minority lead effort aimed at supporting Black and African Diasporic students, faculty and staff that does not discriminate in access. We center projects, activities and concerns that impact Black and African Diasporic communities and the diversity of peoples there in. Joining the Collective as someone who does not directly identify as such should be done with a lot of thought about the role you need to play and whether you are willing to accept the challenge of not always having your own personal or cultural perspective centered. It's also important for all of us to understand that Black and African Diasporic folks don't all think the same. There are many factors and experiences that inform multiple ways of being from these communities.

How to: Become A S.b.f.s.c CAMPUS REp. for your community


  • Regular Attendance at Monthly SBFSC meeting

The Process:

  1. It's our goal to have at least one SBFSC representative from each campus. Becoming a campus representative is easy. Please reach out to us at

How to: SeRVE on the EXECutive COMMITTEE

Leadership Statement

All leadership, regardless of personal background or social identification, must have adequate and specific community direct service backgrounds in Black and African Diasporic communities outside of their place of employment OR display through their scholarship AND community service deep connections and understandings of the diversity of these communities in relations to race, class, gender, or other protected classes that Black and African Diasporic peoples fall into OR display in their on campus service a track record of supporting Black and African Diasporic student, staff and faculty populations And are able to display their history of direct service if running for a leadership position. The collective is a Black and African diasporic directed organization and all members, regardless of their backgrounds, must be in line with this mission.


Elections/Nominations for Committee membership are held every three years.


  • Current or past experience with SUNY colleges and or community colleges

  • A clear record of attendance and contribution to SBFSC efforts, programs or general meetings

  • A clear list of objectives and goals for your first year

  • Some knowledge of how to use zoom or other selected meeting platforms.

How to: Collaborate with the Collective on Events or Projects

Collaboration falls into the one of three categories

  1. Events/speaking arraignments: You're having an event and looking to bring in a speaker

  2. Research opportunities : You want to partner with members of the collective to conduct research

  3. Student Scholarship Development : You're wanting to establish a scholarship aimed at supporting Black and African Diaspora students attending State of New York colleges/universities

  • Please have a clear one page idea on the focus of your event/Research Opportunity n which you outline:

    • The date and goal of the event and who it's being done for.

    • What collective members with what types of experience are you looking for at your event. If you're looking for keynote speakers or panelist for events, please include your price range.

    • The role you would like the collective to play at the event.

  • Please also provide us with more detail about your organization, group, club or yourself.

  • Finally, submit your write up to our email. You can use the button at the top of the page.

How to: Donate to the Collective's efforts to support students of the Black/African Diaspora in SUNY Colleges

  • The SBFSC is a Registered 501c3 minority faculty led organization (EIN: 86-1592737) supporting the diversity of students from the Black and African Diaspora in all the ways they are. You will use the link here that will take you to Donation box on the front page.

How to: Get Your Event ON Our Events Page & Mailed to Collective Members on SUNY CamPuSES

So, you're a collective member having an event and you need to get the word out. The collective provides free support to all collective members. Just email us :

  1. Your event name, your contact information and

  2. A digital flyer of your event saved in jpg or png format

  3. A paragraph or two about the event that you would like us to share

  4. A link to your registration page